4 Occasions You Shouldn’t Sign that Bail Bond

When a loved one is locked up in jail, we want to show them how much we care and help them get out fast. Jail sucks, no matter who you are or no matter the length of time you spend there. And while it is always helpful to find out people that you know, love, and trust, there are certain times when you should not sign the bail bond.

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When you sign a bail bond for someone, you are agreeing to their appearance in court on the specified time and date. Should the person fail to appear, you are held responsible. Their bond is revoked and they are arrested and held until court date. However, you could face a slew of trouble for this decision. Read below to learn for occasions when you should think twice before you contact a professional for allegheny county jail bail bonds.

1.    How long have you known this person? You should consider signing a bond for someone that you have known only for a long period of time. Make sure this is someone that you trust very much.

2.    If you are tight on cash yourself, do not put yourself in a bind to sign a bond for another person. Remember, charity starts at home, and you must take care of yourself before you can reach out to help.

3.    If you do not think the person will go to court when the date and time comes, do not sign that Bond! The last trouble that you want to experience is that of someone else’s criminal charges. But, that could be the case if you sign a bond and appearance. Avoid at all cost.

4.    Is the person a career criminal? You probably shouldn’t be so quick to sign a bail bond for a person. It seems this type of person doesn’t learn their lesson. If you sign a bond for someone like this s, it could be you who suffers when the day is done.